October 2023-the 23rd International Conference on Organic Chemistry-Shanghai



August 2023-16th International Symposium for Chinese Organic Chemists - Peking University



August 2023-NUS Recruitment Workshop & Networking at San Francisco ACS Meeting



July 2023-OMCOS Vancouver



July 2023-Gordon Conference on Organic Reactions and Processes



June 2023-33rd Chinese Chemical Society Congress Qingdao


March 2023-ACS Meeting Indianapolis/NUS Recruitment Networking



December 2022-11th SICC Singapore



July 2022-Gordon Conferences



May 2022-Burgenstock Conference Switzerland



March 2022-ACS meeting San Diego



December 2021-Winter In-Person Organic Symposium, Honolulu




November 2021-SWRM Austin, TX and SERMACS Birmingham, AL




May 2021-ACS Publications Symposium (virtual)




March 2020-Florida Heterocyclic and Synthetic Conference at Univ. of Florida




January 2020-Nanyang Research Conference at NTU




January 2020-NUS-TJU Joint Workshop




December 2019-18th Asian Chemical Congress in Taipei




December 2019-2nd Japan-Germany-Singapore Trilateral Symposium in Nara




October 2019-1st China Singapore Collaborative Synthetic Chemistry Symposium-Xinxiang Henan




September 2019-ACP Conference in Hokkaido





September 2019-International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry Congress-Kyoto




June 2019-Gordon Conference on Heterocyclic Compounds



December 2018-10th SICC Singapore










December 2018-9th Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference Singapore





November 2018-ACP conference in Bangkok







July 2018-Gordon Conference on Stereochemistry




March 2018-the 10th HOPE Meeting in Yokohama, Japan by Danence Lee




December 2017-the 10th CCS National Organic Chemistry Conference-Shenzhen





November 2017-ACP Conference in Xi'an China





July 2017-Gordon Conference on Organic Reactions & Processes




June 2017-Sino-US Chemistry Conference-Rudong, Jiangsu




February 2017-3rd International Conference on Molecular & Functional Catalysis in Singapore




December 2016-14th International Symposium for Chinese Organic Chemists in Singapore



July 2016-Gordon Conference on Stereochemistry




July 2016-International Symposium on Homogeneous Catalysis-Kyoto




June 2016-Sino-US Chemistry Conference-Guangzhou




May 2016-Burgenstock Conference Switzerland




December 2015-Pacifichem




July 2015-Gordon Conference on Organic Reactions & Processes


Presence of Boston College:



Boston tour:






December 2014-SICC Singapore








December 2014-ACP conference in Malaysia







September 2014-ICCCS Kyoto





August 2014-ISACS Shanghai





July 2014-BOSS Belgium