June 2019-Visit to University of California, Irvine




May 2019-Visit to University of California, Santa Barbara




May 2019-Visit to Duke University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill




March 2019-Visit to Chongqing Univ., Southwest Univ. and Sichuan Univ.




March 2019-Visit to Tianjin University




February 2019-Seminar at Stanford




November 2018-Visit of Professor Timothy Donohoe




October 2018-Visit of Professor Zhen Yang



September 2018-Visit to Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter and Xiamen Univ.



July 2018-Visit to University of Chicago



June 2018-Visit to Northeast Normal University



June 2018-Visit to Yunnan University



May 2018-Visit to Central China Normal Univ., Wuhan Univ. and Huazhong Univ. of Sci & Tech






May 2018-Visit to China Agricultural University



March 2018-Visit to Tianjin University and Nankai University



January 2018-Visit to Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences



December 2017-Visit to UT Austin and Rice University






November 2017-Visit to Xi'an Jiaotong University



July 2017-Visit to Boston College



June 2017-Visit to Shanghai




East China Normal University:


East China Univesity of Science and Technology:


Shanghai Jiaotong Univ:


June 2017-Visit to Monash University



February 2017-Visit of Professor Frank Glorius




January 2017-Asian Core Program Lectureship tour to Japan


Tohoku Univ:


Tokyo Inst Tech:


Univ of Tokyo-Uchiyama group:


Kyoto Univ School of Engineering:


Osaka Univ School of Engineering:



January 2017-Visit of Professor Laszlo Kurti




December 2016-Asian Core Program Lectureship tour to Hong Kong (and Shenzhen)






HK PolyU:





October 2016-Visit of Professor Michael Krische




September 2016-Visit of Professor Marc Snapper




March 2016-Asian Core Program Lectureship tour to Taiwan


National Sun Yat-Sen University:



December 2015-Visit of Professor Vy Dong





August 2015-Visit of Professor Matthias Beller




December 2014-Visit of Professor Amir Hoveyda





October 2014-Asian Core Program Lectureship tour to Mainland China


Institute of Chemistry:







May 2014-Asian Core Program Lectureship tour to South Korea


Ewha Womans University: