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Graduation Celebrations


NUS Commencement and Undergrad Presentations


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Group Activities


2023-01-14-Farewell for Taotao and CNY celebration



2022-10-18-Farewell for Liao Gang



2022-08-17-Clubhouse BBQ



2022-02-05-CNY group cycling



2021-10-15-Farewell for Zhang Tao



2021-07-14-Farewell for four students going to Fuzhou and Shenzhen



2021-03-Farewell for Binmiao to NUS-TJU Joint Institute



2021-02-13-Outing on the 2nd day of Chinese "Niu" Year



Settling Down in New S9 Lab-Jan 2021



Farewell to S5 Lab & Chemical Reorganization-Dec 2020



Celebration for Jun Yang & Teng Wei & Farewell for Jun-Oct 2020



Farewell for Guoqiang-September 2020



Lab Cleaning for Lockout-April 2020



Southern Ridge Walk and CNY Lunch-January 2020



Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Walk and Karaoke-November 2019



Yanong and Yamei Farewell Party-July 2019



Shenci Farewell Party-December 2018



Junior ACP Conference-October 2018



Licheng Farewell Party-September 2018



Laser Tag Farewell Party-July 2018



Escape Room Farewell Party for Wanfang-April 2018



Chinese New Year Celebration-January 2018



Farewell Party for Qijian, Xiaoxiao and Wei-October 2017



Farewell Party for Tanglin and Chao-August 2017



Farewell BBQ Party for Huijie-April 2017



Chinese New Year Celebration-January 2017



Farewell Bubble Soccer Party for Ziqiang-December 2016



Farewell Party for Jiayu-October 2016



Farewell Paintball Party for Yuan and Min-August 2016



Chinese New Year Celebration Dinner-January 2016




Kbox-October 2015




Lab New Look After Housekeeping-May 2015




Chinese New Year Celebration Dinner-February 2015




Macritchie Reservoir Tree Top Walk-September 2014




BBQ at Kent Vale-March & June 2014




Marina Bay Gardens-January 2014



Ubin Island Singapore-October 2013




Marina Barrage Singapore-April 2013




Sounthern Ridges Singapore-January 2013




East Coast Park Singapore-June 2012



Group Relocation-April 2012



Group in 2011



Group Facilities